Based on a smallholding by the sea, I make candles, diffusers and soap from my small studio. It has always been a dream to run a small cottage industry and now the children are at school it felt the right time to start. The grain of an idea for the business came about by reading an article on a parenting forum and watching Kirsty Allsop Handmade, Sophie enrolled herself on a soap making course in Devon and set about learning how to produce natural handmade soaps and candles. After many trials and errors and deciding how I wanted her products to look I took inspiration form the rural setting that she lives in and keeps her products as natural looking as possible.

Although soaps, candles and diffusers are predominantly what I make here on the farm, I felt it shouldn’t be restricted to just this hence the 52 week blog covering a variety of foods and products which I have always said the I wanted to try and make but have never got round to doing.